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Combining our construction knowledge and coding know-how, we can write custom Revit plugins to automate your everyday modelling tasks.

Unlock the Power of Revit via Revit API.

Revolutionise your modelling workflow with coding.

Revit API is the definitive gateway to the codebase Revit runs on.
It is provided by Autodesk, enabling developers like us to interact directly with the Revit backend.
You can automate your work, minimise errors, and deliver projects more efficiently through Revit programming.
Autodesk Authorised Developer
Model automation supercharged.

The Revit API is extensive, with almost every function available at the developer's fingertip.
For example, you can use Revit API to detect intersections via BoundingBoxIntersectsFilter under Autodesk.Revit.DB namespace.
Explore the entire Revit API here.

Personalise your Revit with a specialist.

BIM Farers is an Autodesk Authorised Developer. As part of the Autodesk Developer Network, we have access to a full suite of developer support.
Combine this with our construction industry experience, and you can trust us to create the Revit automation you've always dreamed about.

Explore Our Revit Plugins.

Pipe fire collar
Pipe Penetration Plugin icon

BIMF Tools #01.
Insert Pipe Penetrations

Combined penetration plans and services penetration elevations are becoming the industry norm in Australia. Our Revit plugin automates the insertion of these penetration elements, eliminating the need to spend hours preparing them.

  • Intelligent pipe penetration recognition captures pipes on slope and ignores cast-ins and unintended drafting errors
  • Automatically detects and sets penetration diameter and thickness
  • Insert your own penetration elements or our provided default elements in seconds
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Check Ceiling Plugin icon

BIMF Tools #02.
Check Ceiling Heights

Ceiling height issues are expected, especially in a large commercial construction project, where architects set high ceilings to meet client demands. Don't waste resources trying to find them manually; use our Revit plugin to automate the process.

  • Analyses all the ceiling elements against the building services in seconds
  • Automatically detects services modelled under the ceiling
  • Highlights the affected services in the current Revit View
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